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Brent Sopel’s professional hockey experience has put him in high-pressure situations, protecting his team’s zone from the fiercest offensive threats in the world. Having won a Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks, spending three years in Russia with the KHL and now playing with the Chicago Wolves in the AHL, Brent knows what it takes to be a champion, both on and off the ice.

This is no ordinary hockey camp. With Brent present for each and every day of the camp, Brent Sopel’s Academy of Defense will help players hone their skills in the following areas:



Drills – ½ and Full Ice Drills

Core Training

Shot Blocking

Explosive Training

Game Simulation


Proper Contact Protocol


Gap Control


Reading the Rush

Quick Feet

Communication with D-Partner


Defensive Zone

Equipment Knowledge

Play In Front Of The Net

Mental Training*

The Corners


Walking the Blue-Line


Neutral Zone



*Sports Psychologist / Mental Conditioning and Coaching

Work Ethic – Character – Time Management

The WHL and Hockey Canada support the Academy of Defense Hockey Camp