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Nick Didds

We enrolled two of our boys in Brent Sopel’s Academy of Defense this past summer and couldn’t have been happier with the camp. Our boys have done many hockey camps but never a position specific camp. This was totally different than anything we have experienced before, the fast pace of the drills, the intensity of the off ice training and everything geared for d-men! The instructor to player ratio was great with all the kids getting lots of one on one instruction. Brent and other instructors were amazing, they worked the boys hard both on and off the ice, yet still managed to keep it fun and always very positive! The boys also received expert instruction in off ice conditioning and sports nutrition. John DoddsBrent and his staff were all very knowledgeable, approachable and really enjoyed working with all the kids. Brent has even emailed the boys to see how their tryouts were going and always reminds them to email him if they have any questions about what they learned! With the amount of one on one quality instruction, feedback to the kids and parents, and the follow up this was the best camp ever and my boys have already asked if they can do it again next year!

— Murray and Leigh Dodds

Tanner Quiring

FINALLY a camp focused on DEFENSE ONLY.

The first concern that crossed my mind was, is it going to be about the pro or about the kids, how much will he be involved, will he show up sign autographs and leave the rest to his assistants..?

But when my son and I showed up at the rink and were greeted by Brent and his assistant, I was cautiously optimistic that maybe it wasn’t going to be as I might have assumed.

I believe just because somebody played pro hockey doesn’t mean they can put on and execute a pro camp. Brent and his team of professionals nailed it, from building confidence, teaching proper nutrition, off ice training proper stature to positioning to doing the little things right that make such a difference in their overall play

I was totally impressed that Brent was 100% involved on and off the ice. One of the comments that came from my son was “Dad I’ve never been taught some of this stuff before”

From a parent standpoint I believe the Sopel Academy of Defense was truly worth it.

My son’s confidence grew leaps and bounds; he went from playing tier 2 Bantam to a tough decision for the AA coach as a first year Midget.

— Seven Quiring

Tyler Finlay

It was great to go to a camp that was focused on the defense! Very well organized and well run, both on and off the ice. Tyler felt that he got some great info from it and had the best work outs of any camp he has attended. We look forward to returning next year!

— Tanya Finlay